Hubbards GIn was created following a meal out with some very dear friends. After a few beers I decided to have a gin and tonic. I was very impressed with the choice of gin but finally decided on an unusual flavoured gin. I could certainly smell the main fruit ingredient but someone had forgotten to add the gin !!!. I decided there and then that I was going to create my own flavoured gin which actually tasted of gin.

So the journey began and what a journey we have been on. We experimented with so many recipes over a 6 month period but that special recipe kept eluding us. We wanted to be different so that we would stand out from the crowd. Following further internet research of the history of gin I stumbled across the 1935 Savoy Hotel cocktail list which included hundreds of classic cocktails. This was my eureka moment. Why not create a gin which was inspired by a classic cocktail. I came across the Casino cocktail which used an Old Tom Gin, Maraschino liquor and Orange bitters. I deconstructed the orange bitters to reveal the main botanicals. I had already decided on my London Dry gin recipe using 9 botanicals. What I needed to do now was to bring in the professionals to see if this recipe had legs. I worked closely with Union Distillers who are an award winning distiller in Market Harborough. They started experimenting with my botanical list and firstly developed my London Dry Gin and then blended it with the remaining botanicals including cherry to create the Casino Blend. Once I had my samples I carried out various tasting tests with friends and family and several local pubs and wine bars. Everyone loved the Casino Blend so much that I immediately engaged Union Distillers to start production