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Hubbards Casino Blend is now for sale

It has taken over 12 months since my initial idea to create what I believe is a flavoured gin which will stand out from the crowd. Hubbards Casino Blend actually tastes of gin  with a touch of flavour which compliments my base gin botanicals rather than over powering them. I have used my London Dry Gin as a base which includes 9 very carefully selected botanicals. This delivers a very smooth and elegant base for my first release which is the Casino Blend. I have based this small batch release on the classic Casino cocktail of the 1930’s which used an Old Tom Gin as the base, coupled with maraschino cherry liquor and orange bitters. I deconstructed the orange bitters to reveal 3 additional beautiful botanicals. These botanicals were blended with my London Dry Gin with a subtle touch of cherry to create a truly superb and multi-layered flavoured gin. With an ABV of 40% this gin packs a punch and does not let you forget the lovely piney and citrus notes of the base london dry gin.

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